Directive 2014/29/EU Simple pressure vessels


We are pleased to announce that our notified body, OTC Bulgaria, is now officially authorised to carry out conformity assessment under Directive 2014/29/EU. This directive applies to simple pressure vessels manufactured in series.

OTC Bulgaria is a competent and reliable organisation with a dedicated team of experts in the field of conformity assessment. They are trained to carry out all the necessary procedures and checks to ensure that ordinary pressure vessels manufactured in series meet the requirements of the Directive.

Conformity assessment involves various steps and processes which are carried out by the experts of OTC Bulgaria. They will carry out technical inspections of the vessels, check documentation and carry out the necessary tests and measurements. Upon successful completion of the assessment procedures, OTC Bulgaria will issue the relevant Certificate of Conformity confirming that the vessels comply with the requirements of the Directive.

Module H1 describes the process by which we can carry out a compliance assessment. In this case, an on-site audit will be carried out following an assessment of the relevant simple pressure vessel design by a qualified member of our team. The expert will determine if the vessel meets all technical criteria and standards during the design assessment. To make sure the vessel is constructed accurately and correctly, the on-site audit will include a visit to the factory where it will be manufactured.

Following this, a certificate of conformity will be issued. This certificate verifies that the ordinary pressure vessel complies with all applicable regulations. Customers and stakeholders are reassured that it is reliable for the purpose for which it was designed.

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